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Mono Di Glycerides E471 Emulsifier

Categories E471 Emulsifier
Appearance: powder
Usage: Biscuit|Chewing gum|Protein beverage
Taste: little fatty
Product Name: E471 Emulsifier
Certification: HACCP, ISO, HALAL, KOSHER
Total Monoglyceride Content: ≥40%
Place of Origin: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Brand Name: Vivid
Model Number: DH-Z45,E471
MOQ: 2mt
Price: Please contact sales person
Packaging Details: 25kg/bag
Delivery Time: 7 to 14 days
Payment Terms: Please contact sales person
Supply Ability: 20,000kgs
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Mono Di Glycerides E471 Emulsifier

Food Additive Self Emulsifying Mono And Diglycerides DMG For Shortening


VIVIDR self-emulsifying mono and-diglyceride E-DH-Z45 is an ideal multi-functional additive in ice cream,chewing gum,toffee,shortening,margarine,cream and lotion and plastid films.

Product Description:

Appearance: White waxy beads or powder

Taste: Neutral,little fatty


Total monoglyceride content(%): ≥40

Free glycerol(%): ≤5.0

Iodine value(g I/100g): ≤2.0

Moisture (%): ≤2.0

Soap added (%): ≤4.0

Arsenic value (mg/kg): ≤2

Heavy metal (as Pb) (mg/kg): ≤10


Application Range



Protein beverage

stabilize the fat and protein, prevent elimination and sedimentation

0.05%-0.1% of total products

Ice cream

avoid forming large ice crystal, improve mouth feels and provide creamy texture, improve stabilization

0.1%-0.2% of total products

Flour products


improves crumb softness, provides a fine and uniform crumb structure, reduces staling rate

0.3%-0.8% of flour


Enlarge volume, improve texture, prolong the shelf life

3%-10% of oil


Improve process properties, prevent oil separating out and make the dough easy to off-module

1.5%-2% of oil

Instant noodles

Improve process properties, decrease oil absorbing and cooking lost

0.1%-0.2% of flour

Pasta products

Improve process properties, decrease cooking lost

0.1%-0.2% of flour

Extrusion snacks

Improve process properties, increase swelling rate, provide a fine and uniform crumb structure, reduce staling rate

0.1%-0.2% of flour

Oils and fats


Adjust the oil crystal, imparts fine and stable water dispersion

Subject to different purpose


Adjust the oil crystal, improve its function properties

Subject to different purpose


give a more uniform fat globule size distribution resulting in improved whitening effect

Subject to different purpose

Caramels, toffees and chocolate

reduce stickiness and sugar crystallization, thus improve the eating quality

1.5%-2% of oil

Chewing gum

Improve mastication and texture, soften gum base and facilitate mixture, especially for SBR and PVA

0.3%-0.5% of base

Meat products

Help fat disperse and combine with water and starch, prevent starch aging

0.1%-1.0% of total products

Edible antifoaming agent

decrease and inhibit foaming during production

0.1%-1.0% of total products

Peanut butter

provide creamy texture, high filling temperature, short set time and good oil holding capacity

0.1%-0.2% of total products

Granular potato products

improve product quality and make production easier

0.3%-1.0% of starch





foaming agent

Act as physical foaming agent, help to produce fine and even air bubbles in EPE, to enlarge and maintain the volume and avoid shrinking


Its excellent lubricating property gives products shiny surface.

Anti-static agent

Make the surface of plastic part hydrophilic to eliminate static electricity, be applicable to production of package of electronic parts

Anti fogging agent

Food grade distilled monoglycerides is a safe anti fogging agent for food package

Personal cares

Cosmetics and personal care products

Act as emulsifier and thickener



Act as emulsifier

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